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Komodo as 7 Wonder

Kamis, 10 November 2011

Jakarta - Since Komodo dragons (Varanus commodoensis) announced on July 21, 2009 by the New 7 Wonders Foundation as one of the 28 wonders of the world, cheering and response and community support Indonesia bubbling.

Not just for the people of West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), but almost the entire people of Indonesia anxiously hoping while garnering support, so that ancient animals that stores the specific advantages of tourism, it passed the New 7 Wonders Foundation selection as one among the seven wonders of the world.

But the euphoria was just rising, the people of Indonesia be disappointed because New7 Wonders Komodo rumored to be annulled as a candidate of one among the seven wonders of the world, because the Indonesian government considered uncooperative in the deposit fund fees and the Indonesian government as the committee objected penyelanggaran conferment Komodo as one one of the seven wonders of the world.
Nevertheless, we need to bear in mind that, dragons are not just economic value. In addition, the Komodo dragon became a symbol of national identity which reduces the value or philosophy of life of NTT. It is seen as a icon on Komodo pelambangaan kedarehan NTT society and government.
Terdaftaratau least Komodo as one of seven wonders of the world, Komodo dragon still has meaning and value to communities specifically Indonesia. Whereby, the New 7 Wonder attempts to capitalize on the island of Komodo certainly scratch the disappointment people of NTT and the people of Indonesia in general.
In news alerts media (print and electronic), removed from the endangered Komodo 28 wonders of the world if not to deposit 10 million U.S. $. That's not including the implementation of issuing 35 million U.S. $ to the New 7 Wonders.

Even the New 7 Wonders Foundation threatened if the fee is not paid and if Indonesia is not willing to become organizers conferment, the dragons will be deleted from section 28 wonders of the world.
A crowded news media questioned on this, pumping torn us to ask relevant credibility, capability and integrity of the Foundation for New 7 Wonder. That the selectivity of the New 7 Wonder who should be objectively assessed against the specification and the uniqueness of dragons as part of 7 keajabiban world, even changing capitalize Komodo as a tool to blackmail the Indonesian government and business interests of pragmatic New 7 Wonder.
If we sniff, the symptoms of capitalization New 7 Wonder of the dragon that has been felt since the rise and fall of dragons in the rankings while seven wonders of the world. Even vote for komodo island was removed from the site New 7 Wonders by reason of damage hosting.

It's hard to accept. Appropriate, if the New 7 Wonder objective, rise and fall of dragons in the selection ranking seventh world keajabain ditransparansikan on Indonesian society and convey a more rational reasons.
Similarly, any threat to New 7 Wonder of the Indonesian government considered excessive and "tend to squeeze". Thus, the capacity of New 7 Wonder true questionable. Not only by the people of Indonesia, but by the entire world community has been concerned about the dragons.

Institution that has worldwide this is "is blacklisted" because it has no integrity as ivent organizing the prestigious and world scale. Even the world community should be suspicious of the New 7 Wonders that there are business interests behind all this.

If the Foundation for New 7 Wonder objective and transparent, should all related persyarakatan fee has been delivered to the Indonesian government since it was first registered as a candidate for winning Komodo seven wonders of the world on the site New 7 Wonder.

Moreover, his name "if not blackmail, if the information is cost fee charged after the Komodo registered as a candidate from one of seven keajabiban world". Roughly speaking, the Indonesian government seems trapped in a dirty business game blunders New 7 Wonder.

10 Million U.S. $ for the People

If a deposit of U.S. $ 10 million was given to the New 7 Wonders, then the government wrong. Because the funds in the amount of it, it should cater for the communities around the island of Komodo.
Yet in the end terpublikasinya dragons as part of the seven wonders of the world are expected to open wide implications for the tourism zone berekses on increasing household incomes and government in the field of tourism.
But conversely, if its registered Komodo as 7 wonders of the world it just makes it suck up the budget because the government in large numbers. Should "we do not need to rush to envision dragons are listed as part of the seven wonders of the world".

After all, whether registered or Komodo islands in 7 wonders of the world not in the least risky for the sale price (market value) the island of Komodo in the field of tourism.

Funds amounting to 400 billion, it should be earmarked for supporting tourism infrastructure development, thus, attractiveness and kepeminatan community to the larger island of Komodo. Because the important thing is, Komodo Island provide articulation in the economic sector and remotely impressed on increasing the capacity of local economic income.

Besides the threat of food insecurity due to extreme weather conditions and the implications are difficult to control inflation in early 2011, making us worthy of "double counting" for poured money amounting to Rp 400 billion on the New 7 Wonder with the rationalization that is not clear. Should budget for it was meant for the public to something more important and long-term.

Government Must Firm

Either way, Komodo Island Indonesia is the national identity. Due menginagurasikan island tourist attraction has been famous to almost the whole world. Indonesia issues not on how much the government must deposit the fee in the New 7 Wonder, but in a matter of pride that we as a nation should not meddle diobok by institutions that are not credible as New 7 Wonder.

Government, especially the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, should take a firm stance against the New 7 Wonder, that the Indonesian island of Komodo was formally interesting selection of seven wonders of the world organized by the Foundation for New 7 Wonder. Because attitudes tap-tapping and threats made New 7 Wonder has eroded the credibility of the Indonesian community in the eyes of the world. In the end, the people of Indonesia rejects all business intrigue News 7 Wonders to capitalize on Komodo Island for any reason.

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